Candlefox Resources

A content hub packed full of valuable resources for every kind of education provider.

Candlefox Resources

A content hub packed full of valuable resources for every kind of education provider.

Downloadable Resources

Gain exclusive access into all of our handy tips, tricks, advice and more, all compiled into comprehensive, downloadable documents. Completely transform your education marketing and enhance your overall student enrolment.

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Candlefox Products and Services

As an education provider, it’s crucial to understand and engage with your student prospects, to create a flawless customer experience. We’ve created smarter, more innovative products and solutions to help support your business goals. Check out the Candlefox Products and Services Handbook and learn how you can activate these solutions today.

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Micro-Credentials in 2020: The Provider Handbook

Micro-credentials are evolving at a dramatic pace, and we have been observing this transformation closely. We’ve sifted through the data and reports, and condensed them all into a neat handbook to aid providers in charting a clear-sighted strategy. Explore our findings in the Micro-Credentials in 2020: The Provider Handbook.

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Post Enquiry Process Checklist

This checklist will help you discover the top ‘best practice’ tips on how your business can utilise its marketing team efficiently and uncover tailored student engagement techniques for your sales function. Take the next step and ensure that your student engagement process is fully optimised for success.

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Sales and Marketing Health Check

Need a hand developing clear-cut processes that work together to effectively attract students? Use our Sales and Marketing Health Check resource to break down the key factors that come into play when employing valuable student engagement techniques.

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Candlefox Marketplace Basics:
The 101 Guide

In this handy guide, we cover each step around how Candlefox attracts students to its education providers. Explore a breakdown of the individual stages in our ‘Attracting’ process and how each supplement our marketplace; streamlining the student journey and capturing premium leads.

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Micro-credentials in 2019: What Educators Need to Know

Micro-credentials are fast becoming necessary to keep up with the pace of digital innovation. Will they replace traditional qualifications? Will they get official accreditation? In this guide, you’ll get a digest of what’s been happening in 2019. Find out which subjects to target now and in future to boost your enrolments, and how to make micro-credentials work for you.

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Business Tools

A collection of easy to use, interactive business tools that provide specialised insight into the education marketing scope.

ROMI Calculator

Welcome to our simple ROMI calculator where you can quickly work out whether a course, or marketing channel, is working for you.

For a refresher on what ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) is; check out our post Looking Past Conversion Rate.

Put simply, ROMI is a factor of revenue over spend. For example, if you spend $1,000 to generate $4,000 revenue, your ROMI equals 4.0.

Leads per Month
Slide to select leads per month
Cost per Lead
Slide to select cost per lead
Slide to select number of enrolments
Course Price
Slide to select course price
Enrolment Rate
Your ROMI Rating
Needs Improvements
For every $1 you spend, you are getting $[ROMI from above] in return.
This needs improvement. Try to optimise or look to divert your spend elsewhere.
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