Candlefox Marketplace: The 101 Guide

4bf428ed6af9ff680b7ac8b24b046f3d?s=50&d=mm&r=g Claudia Reiners
Head of Product Management

At Candlefox, we offer a whole range of services around attracting, enrolling and retaining students.

  • icon attract


    Getting students through your door

  • icon enrol


    Enrolling them in the right courses

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    Enhancing the overall student experience


  • icon attract


    Getting students through your door – Do you have a strategy around how you will be attracting students to your institute?

  • icon enrol


    Enrolling them in the right courses – How will you educate and inform prospects about your courses and services by establishing trust and credibility?

  • icon retain


    Enhancing the overall student experience – How will you continue to delight students and create loyal advocates of your institution?

In this article, we’re going to focus on the Candlefox Marketplace, and how we work to Attract students to education providers.

With over 500,000 site visitors per month, the Candlefox Education Marketplace is the largest of its kind in Australia.

We enable our education partners to market their individual courses and generate student enquiries for their respective courses.

Our marketplace is geared towards optimising the end to end student experience, and sending qualified prospective students to education providers.

Download our free resource:
Candlefox Marketplace Basics – The 101 Guide

Download our free resource:
Candlefox Marketplace Basics – The 101 Guide

1) Our Brands

The Candlefox Marketplace is made up of a network of different websites.

Each website brand has its own unique value proposition and targets a range of students.

Across Australia, we have four different websites that students can browse on.

Each website is geared towards helping students compare different courses from short course, vocational and higher education providers:


    Short courses that are from predominantly online education providers.


    Vocational education-focused: for private education providers and TAFEs


    A marketplace for all education options, from short courses to postgraduate degrees and everything in between.


    Higher education courses / university courses

2) Demographics / Audience Type

Our prospective students are already actively seeking out education courses when they reach our marketplace, and the majority of these users reach our websites organically.

Given that they are already well into their research, these students are a highly intentional, well researched audience, further down the conversion funnel.

The majority of our site visitors are by and large, career changers or upskillers, with a heavy female skew.

As well as offering hundreds of courses for students to choose from, our marketplace helps students through their journey with a wealth of resources and content, to help match them with the right courses.

3) Content and Resources

Our websites are geared towards helping students navigate their future careers and study options.

Our sites offer a range of resources, allowing prospective students to make well-informed career decisions and find the courses they need to get them to where they want to be.

This rich content has been crafted specifically to help students with their studies, careers and everything in-between.

We are continuously adding more and more resources to make sure that we’re answering the right questions and addressing student needs.

Some of the topics that we write on regularly are:

  • Career Advice
  • Industry Insights
  • Study Tips
  • Lifestyle
  • Education News

We educate users so they can make well-informed education decisions.

Download our free resource:
Candlefox Marketplace Basics – The 101 Guide

Download our free resource:
Candlefox Marketplace Basics – The 101 Guide

4) How the Student Journey Works


As well as the individual course information included on a provider’s own course listings, students can browse by subject category, location, qualification type and study method when looking for a course.

When they’ve found their course of choice, they submit their details via an enquiry form, which are then sent immediately to a provider.

Upon submitting an enquiry, students receive a ‘Thank you’ email letting them know that the provider will be in touch with them including a course guide, as well as an SMS.

5) Education Providers and Their Courses

Education providers work with us to market their courses across our network of websites.

Individual courses are listed under a provider’s name and logo, including a bio for each individual provider that works with us.

By listing courses on our sites, we generate student enquiries for providers when prospective students fill in an enquiry form on the particular course page that they are interested in.

These student enquiries are sent in real time to a provider’s own CRM.

Individual course listings include information such as:

  • Course Duration
  • Delivery Mode
  • Entry Requirements
  • Course Features, Assessment and Subjects

6) Service Guarantee and Lead Quality

Our websites allow providers to market their courses to a wide audience, but can also be used to target specific catchment areas or locations. Our geo-targeting feature means that we can show courses to users within specific locations.

When prospective students land on provider’s course pages, they will have already done some thorough researching and filtering to get to their subject, qualification level, delivery method and location of choice.

Course listings on our site are comprehensive and up to date, providing as much information as possible to qualify students before they make enquiries. Our enquiry forms have also been built with providers in mind, with enough information and detail so that each individual student enquiry has all the right information before you get in touch with them.


Our services include flexibility around budgets, course content and spend to name a few.

We offer ongoing support, reporting and insights to our providers that we work with on our Marketplace.

The hundreds of thousands of prospective students visiting our sites each month can’t be wrong.

Candlefox Marketplace – effective student lead generation and course marketing, aimed at maximising student enrolments for our education partners.

4bf428ed6af9ff680b7ac8b24b046f3d?s=100&d=mm&r=g Claudia Reiners
Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Candlefox, Claudia is responsible for defining our product strategy so that we can continue to build and deliver innovative solutions for both our B2C Marketplace visitors and B2B partners.

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