The 101 Guide to the Australian Candlefox Marketplace

Claudia Reiners
October 6, 2021

The 101 Guide to the Australian Candlefox Marketplace

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Student sentiment is changing.

Engaging and enrolling learners has become more difficult, especially amidst the financial stress, job instability and heightened mental health concerns the last year has unearthed.

Education marketing plays an important role in addressing and solving these challenges. Not only will it boost enrolment numbers, it will also help providers engage and retain a larger portion of their student population.

This is where the Candlefox Marketplace comes into play. As your digital marketing partner, we become your go-to solution for reaching and engaging with a large pool of active student prospects.

In this article, we walk you through the benefits of our Marketplace and help you learn more about our products and services.

Introducing Education Marketplaces

Marketing managers are always looking to invest in the most profitable digital marketing channels. For some, this may mean SEO or paid search, for others, it means Education Marketplaces

Education Marketplaces have been growing in popularity since the onset of the pandemic. Providers of all shapes and sizes are preferring to increase their marketing spend on a digital marketing channel that yields consistent results. 

With an Education Marketplace, you’re guaranteed to receive a stable source of student leads without the unpredictable ROMI.

How the Candlefox Marketplace works


The Candlefox Education Marketplace is the largest of its kind in Australia, with close to one million monthly users on our network.

Our Marketplace works by connecting high-intent student prospects with quality education providers, like yourself. 

Domestic students land on our Marketplace actively looking for courses. When a student enquiries, we pass on this lead to your CRM and equip your team with best-practice post-enquiry techniques to maximise enrolments.

Our solution is ‘set and forget’. After setting up, you don’t have to worry about campaign optimisations. You will automatically receive high-quality student leads from the get-go.

Our brands

The global Candlefox Marketplace is a network of multiple website brands – each with its own unique value proposition and target audience.

All our brands help students compare courses from different providers, including short course, vocational and higher education institutes.

In Australia, we operate four website brands.


    A Marketplace for all education options, from short courses to postgraduate degrees and everything in between.


    A vocational-focused Marketplace for students to compare courses from TAFEs and private education providers.


    A Marketplace with a range of short courses from Australia’s leading online education providers.


    Detailed university profiles designed for students to compare courses, reviews and rankings.

Marketplace student profile

Marketplace user profile graphic

Prospective students are actively seeking out education courses when they reach our Marketplace – and they often do so organically. This suggests that they are a high-intent audience who are likely to enquire about a course. 

Our Marketplace is geared towards helping students navigate their study options and pursue a lifelong learning path. 

Because of this, the majority of our site visitors are Career Changers or Upskillers between the ages of 25 and 54.

Interestingly, our Marketplace attracts a higher volume of female course seekers (58%).

The Marketplace Student Journey

We place an enormous focus on the student experience. Our user interface ensures students understand the enquiry process and have access to information they need throughout the entire journey. We produce a range of content and resources – including industry insights and career advice – to help learners make more informed decisions. 

There are several phases of the Marketplace journey:

  • Homepage

    The homepage is a high-engagement landing page. Here, students begin narrowing their study options using our Course Navigator.

  • Subject page

    Students can navigate to subject pages and compare courses at a glance in their preferred subject area.

  • Course listing

    Course listings provide students with a comprehensive overview of each course. They’ll use these pages to research and compare courses before finding one best suited to them.

  • Enquiry form

    When a student clicks the ‘Enquire Now’ button, they’ll be able to fill in their contact details, completing a course enquiry.

  • ‘Thank You’ page

    Upon the completion of the enquiry form, students will be directed to a ‘Thank You’ page which includes information about the provider.

  • ‘Thank You’ email

    Immediately upon enquiry, students will also receive a ‘Thank You’ email, containing important information about the provider and course.

  • SMS

    After the enquiry, students may also receive an SMS informing them about their enquiry and scheduled call time with the provider.

  • Provider profile

    Students can navigate to a provider profile at any point in the journey. This page contains useful information about the provider and any live course listings on our Marketplace.

Marketplace products and services

Student experience is everything – understanding and engaging with learners is crucial to business growth and return on investment.

We’ve developed innovative products and solutions to better help you with exactly this.

Over the past year, we’ve launched new, cutting-edge solutions to help you amplify your brand and course marketing efforts. Along with lead generation and enrolment services, we now offer the following:

  • Brand Boost
  • Email Marketing and Newsletter Features
  • Featured Home Placements
  • Mystery Shop
  • Phone Leads
  • Post-enquiry Personalisation
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Sponsored Content
  • Subject Spotlight
  • Video Placements

Browse or learn more about these solutions via our ‘Marketplace Products and Services’ blog.

Service and quality guarantee

There are two core elements that underpin the Candlefox Marketplace:

  • Quality

    Our quality of service is rooted in empowered partnerships and custom-built solutions. We provide consistent, high-quality results to all our partners. We have a culture of experimentation and a strong grasp of the education sector which enables us to provide partners with industry expertise and real-time data.

  • Simplicity

    Once you become a partner, we ensure a seamless implementation process. Our Course Administrative Team works with you to set up your course listings, with geographic optimisation and delivery method considerations available for your courses.

The hundreds of thousands of prospective students visiting our sites each month can’t be wrong. To them, the Candlefox Marketplace is the go-to lead course comparison site in Australia.

If you’re an education provider looking to boost your lead generation and course marketing efforts, why not book a demo with our team today?

Get in touch.

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