How to Optimise Your Post-Enquiry Process for Success

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The Candlefox Marketplace has successfully promoted your course and you’ve attracted the desired number of prospective students. It’s now your job to ensure your student engagement process is optimised for success.

Setting up an effective contact strategy and nurture program becomes the single most important process post-enquiry. Our goal is to ensure the user experience and transition between your course advisory team is as seamless as possible. What you do when a student enquiry hits your CRM will determine the ROI on your marketing spend.

We’ve put together Six Handy Tips for your lead flow management once Candlefox leads hit your CRM.

Download a post-enquiry checklist to apply these best practice insights to your enquiry management

Speed to Response

The speed in responding to a prospective student’s enquiry is one of the most crucial factors in the overall success of your lead management. The faster the response, the higher the likelihood of engaging with, and enrolling the lead/student. We recommend attempting to call a lead within 5 minutes of it being received.

Your success rates when contacting prospective students decrease by up to 50% if it takes longer than 30 minutes to contact someone after they submit an enquiry.

Our Best Practice Tips:

  • A prospective student is more likely to be available given they have just submitted an enquiry about your course
  • They are actively thinking about studying, therefore their motivation levels are higher than any other point in time
  • Immediate contact reduces the likelihood of prospective students researching elsewhere
Impact of Response Time on Conversion

Nurture Your Leads

Inform your student prospects throughout their decision-making process. Not everyone will be ready to enrol straight away, so make sure you communicate with them through a nurture journey and warm your leads over time.

Front-load your nurture journey in the first couple of weeks after an initial enquiry as this is when student prospects will be most likely to enrol

Our Best Practice Tips:

  • Build out relevant and timely information to help prospective students to progress through their decision making journey, reinforcing your brand and credibility at each of these interactions
  • Don’t rely on one medium, and don’t rely on just one interaction. Build out multiple touch points in your nurture strategy using varied channels
    e.g. SMS AND Email AND Phone calls
  • Marketing Automation software will significantly increase your success in execution and assist in your lead nurturing
    e.g . using software such as Hubpost, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Marketo
  • Build different pathways depending on how your student prospects engage
    e.g. a different pathway for those that answer a call to those that don’t, or a stronger call- to- action strategy for those that are engaging with your content to those that are less engaged

Lead Pipeline

Prioritise leads based on the number of call attempts (lowest to highest), and then by the enquiry date and time (newest to oldest)

Understand how to prioritise your lead pipeline, as this is essential for a busy team managing hundreds of student enquiries.

Our Best Practice Tips:

  • Speed to attempt the first contact has a huge impact on performance. Dropping everything to focus on your newest leads will likely yield a greater result
  • Success rates typically diminish the more times that you try to get in touch over the phone
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Align your resources to the time of day you are likely to receive the most leads to maximise your success rate.

Our Best Practice Tips:

  • Don’t have your whole enrolment team working early morning if only 5% of your leads come in at this time
  • Ensure your speed to response is optimised by having the right number of people available at the right time, and more staff available at your peak lead times

Have the Right Conversations

Perfecting conversations takes time, effort, focus, and experience. There will always be easy converters amongst your student enquiries, but the vast majority will need to really connect with you first over the phone.

A skilled conversationalist engages with student prospects, builds the right to ask questions, helps prospects identify with their needs and goals, and very clearly articulates how a course can meet their needs.

Our Best Practice Tips:

  • Team leads should specialise in coaching and building out these skills
  • Have a dedicated team of professionals who make calls day in and day out
  • Make sure your hires connect with your brand and value proposition

Supercharge Your Success

Nail the fundamentals, and there is much more you can do in your post enquiry workflow to streamline processes even further.

Our Best Practice Tips:

  • Call centre technology platforms can provide a huge degree of customisation to your dialling strategy
    E.g. custom reporting, predictive dialling, automation
  • Data segmentation and analysis can help you understand which segments respond best to certain forms of communication and help you develop more targeted and sophisticated messaging
  • Marketing automation tools can provide scalable omnichannel engagement points to maximise chances of getting in front of potential students at the right time, with the right message

Download a post-enquiry checklist to apply these best practice insights to your enquiry management

ab6edc71f75966ffe45a1131a9e230c8?s=100&d=mm&r=g Adele Cochrane
Content Specialist

Adele is a writer and designer. She is fascinated with the way humans communicate, collaborate and improve things together.

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