Candlefox Marketplace: New Services for Providers

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Head of Product Management

At Candlefox, we’re committed to building out the best possible experience for both our clients and our users.

We’re constantly looking for the best ways to optimise our websites and create a better home for prospective students, through comprehensive A/B testing, UX optimisations and engaging video content.

More recently, we’ve launched some new, cutting-edge products for our partner providers, aimed at amplifying their brand on our Marketplace, and further supporting students in their education journey.

Download our free resource:

Candlefox Products and Services Handbook

Download our free resource:

Candlefox Products and Services Handbook

What does this mean for our partners?

After sourcing feedback from our partners and our Marketplace users, we’ve developed some innovative solutions to support our partners in maximising student enrolments, and streamline the student journey even further.

We know how important it is to have a robust post enquiry process, but we also understand the importance of engaging with student prospects right through their journey to enrolment, to create a flawless customer experience.

Our Marketplace aims to help providers create a truly student-centric experience, building a robust brand while streamlining the enrolment experience.

This is why we have developed the following products and services:

Video Placements

Video content is captivating and easy to consume, and we’ve built our entire content strategy with video at its core.

With that in mind, Video Placements are now available for our providers to showcase their course offering directly on course listing pages.

Video Listing Mobile Mockup optimised

90% of customers say that videos help them in making buying decisions
, and we’ve found that users who watch video on course listing pages are > 3x more likely to enquire about a course.

Some of the other benefits of displaying video on course listing pages are:

  • Video content has much higher engagement rates than written content, especially on mobile devices
  • Highlight your key selling points in a much more visual way
  • Better exposure for your brand with customised video content
  • Use of social proof by way of student testimonials, to better inform student prospects

Video is a great way to capture attention, educate users and promote your courses with an engaging medium!

Phone Leads

We’ve also developed a solution that makes it possible for prospective students to call providers directly from course listings on our Marketplace.

Prospective students can review a course listing and speak directly with our providers using the ‘Call Now’ button, without first needing to submit an enquiry form.

We know that not everyone who visits our Marketplace is ready to pick up the phone, but we do know the importance of making direct, instant contact accessible to those who are.

phone leads new

A smooth enquiry and post enquiry process is essential when maximising student enrolments, and this is where our Phone Leads service helps.

As well as providing a seamless way for prospective students to speak with you directly, we’ve found that those who do use the ‘Call Now’ button are >2x likely to enrol in their course of choice.

Some of the other benefits of our ‘Phone Leads’ service:

  • Ability to engage with a different user group who would not have filled in an enquiry form
  • Higher intent prospective students
  • Streamlined user journey and reduced internal resources

Phone Leads are an easy way to supplement course enquiry leads with high intent student prospects, who are ready to chat with your team straight away!

Brand Boost

Brand awareness is a key component in educating prospective students and driving them down the marketing funnel.

The more exposure and visibility that partners have on our website, the more likely it is for students to engage with your brand!

Our Brand Boost solutions are aimed at helping our partners stand out from the crowd and highlight their unique value proposition to our Marketplace visitors.

Our sponsored homepage logo placements are the first step in helping providers showcase their brand more prominently, and the opportunity to increase their brand exposure.

We’ve also completed a refresh of our ‘Provider Profile Pages’, with our ‘Premium’ and ‘Elite’ Pages giving our partners the ability to create a more personalised experience and a better home for their brand.

Provider Profile Pages can now be fully customised, with rich media placements and the ability to showcase student testimonials and ratings.

With more opportunities for student prospects to engage with your brand and message, students will be given the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level, with access to:

  • Video placements
  • Social proof and student ratings to better inform student prospects
  • More real-estate to provide more comprehensive and complete information about your brand
  • Fully customisable content blocks to hone in your messaging
provider profile

Amplify your brand and better inform students with our Brand Boost solutions.

Subject Spotlight

In addition to helping providers boost their brand on our Marketplace, we’ve made it easier for providers to promote their courses and feature their brand with our Subject Spotlight solution.

With a ‘Featured Provider’ sponsorship, we’ve developed an exclusive placement on our subject area pages for you to promote your brand on the most prominent position on a subject page: above-the-fold.

Our ‘Top Spot’ placements guarantee our providers with the ‘Top Result’ listing on the same subject page, giving you the opportunity to ‘own’ a subject area.

subject spotlight new

Our partners who have already taken advantage of Subject Spotlight have seen their brand share of voice increase by >20% for the relevant subject area, as well as an uplift in student enquiries.

Let us help you with:

  • More on page real-estate; providing comprehensive and complete information about your brand
  • Above-the-fold branding
  • Subject level ownership in placements with high volume traffic
  • Helping your course stand out in a crowded marketplace

Take advantage of strong user intent by displaying your brand prominently on Subject pages.

Post Enquiry Personalisation

With user experience front of mind, optimising the Post Enquiry student journey holds significant importance, as it is the final step in the student enquiry process.

Our Post Enquiry Personalisation services have been built with both our providers and prospective students in mind.

Creating a best practice journey plays a huge role in maximising enrolments, which can be done easily by optimising communications with prospective students.

Help to reinforce your brand, personalise your message and provide more comprehensive information about who you are.

Personalise your Post Enquiry Message on our Marketplace with video content and customisable copy, as well as delivering personalised ‘Thank You Emails’ and our tailored SMS service.

Personalisation will give student prospects the opportunity to engage with your brand, visit your owned assets as soon as they have submitted an enquiry, help keep your brand top of mind and streamline the user journey.

Sponsored Content

Our partners can also collaborate with us to create engaging pieces of content on our Marketplace, capturing the attention and consideration of students.

Home to hundreds of thousands of prospective students every month, sponsored content gives providers even more exposure to this audience.

Sponsored Advertorials on our ‘Student Hub’ give providers the opportunity to reach an actively engaged audience who is already exploring resources, education, industry advice and everything else in between.

Our ‘Student Hub’ is one of the first touch points on our Marketplace, aimed at assisting students through their journey, with a wealth of resources and content aimed at matching them with the right courses.

Content Marketing Advertorial Eg 01

Collaborate with us to create enriched, engaging content that is tailored to your course offering:

  • Increasing your brand reach even further on our Marketplace
  • Provides detailed insights into your brand and subject matter expertise
  • The opportunity to promote your courses outside of your course listing pages, with direct links back to your course listing pages
  • In-house content creation, tailored to your offerings

Our sponsored content is carefully crafted to best inform prospective students of the benefits of studying in a particular field, how they can go about gaining a qualification, while weaving in your brand and promoting your course listings.

Download our free resource:

Candlefox Products and Services Handbook

What Else?

These solutions are just some of the services that we have on offer for our partners looking to optimise their course marketing and lead generation on our Marketplace.

Other opportunities that we have available include utilising our email database (over 800K users), that can be leveraged via targeted email campaigns to promote your brand and your courses.

We also have ‘Featured Course’ placements on our homepages for providers wanting to boost your course visibility.

Download our free resource:

Candlefox Products and Services Handbook

We’re committed to improving and innovating our Marketplace over time, and look forward to sharing more updates in the future!

Get in touch with the team to find out more or activate any of our new solutions today!

4bf428ed6af9ff680b7ac8b24b046f3d?s=100&d=mm&r=g Claudia Reiners
Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Candlefox, Claudia is responsible for defining our product strategy so that we can continue to build and deliver innovative solutions for both our B2C Marketplace visitors and B2B partners.

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