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Sales and Marketing Health Check – How Do You Shape Up?

At Candlefox, we’re experts at helping education providers a...

Claudia Reiners
Commercial Strategy Manager

The Changing Face of the Digital Workforce and How It’s Impacting the Education Sector

Within the last decade, there has been a significant transfo...

Olivia Blazevic

Investing in the VET Sector Makes Economic Sense, Here’s Why

Australia, like many of the world’s developed nations, is ex...

Amber Kirkwood
Content Marketing Manager

How to Optimise Your Post-Enquiry Process for Success

The Candlefox Marketplace has successfully promoted your cou...

Craig Holmes
Sales & Operations Specialist

Boost Your Education Website’s SEO by Levelling Up Your Internal Linking Game

SEO isn’t just about content and keywords. How the pages ref...

Kelvin Chan
Chief Marketing Officer

Micro Credentials: The Opportunities for Education Providers

Now more than ever before, the job market has an urgency for...

Claudia Reiners
Commercial Strategy Manager

Victoria Reacts to Free TAFE– The Impact on Prospective Students

The Sensitivity to Funding Index reveals key insights into t...

Amber Kirkwood
Content Marketing Manager

Email Marketing for the Student Journey

When it comes to maximising your enrolments, understanding h...

Alex Galgano
Direct Marketing Specialist

Candlefox Expands to the UK

For more than six years, Candlefox has been assisting educat...

Zig van der Sluys

Are Females More Sensitive to Funding Options When it Comes to Studying?

As part of the Student Sentiment Index; the sensitivity to f...

James Lacey
Data Engineer

ROMI Calculator

Welcome to our simple ROMI calculator where you can quickly...

Will Panton
Head of Product

5 Methods to Attract Students via Content

Content marketing is one of the best ways to engage customer...

Amber Kirkwood
Content Marketing Manager

Forget School Leavers: Over 40’s Show the Most Urgency to Study

Where further study is involved, do under 25’s have the same...

James Lacey
Data Engineer

Looking Past Conversion Rate

Marketers are obsessed with conversion rates, and rightly so...

Will Panton
Head of Product
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