Candlefox Student Sentiment Index

Our Student Sentiment Index (SSI) is a leading indicator measuring student sentiment
– the degree of optimism prospective students exhibit – within our education sector.

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Providing enrolment data in real time

Prior to 2016, we noticed a surge in demand for data on prospective students and their perceived attitudes towards the education system. We identified a number of gaps with these indicators that we believe can be filled with our SSI.

  • Data from existing indicators were not independently collected.
  • Existing indicators did not provide data in real time.
  • Education sector could not use outdated data in making future decisions.
  • No data collected on how government policies impact students’ willingness to study.

How it works

Understanding the sentiments of prospective students can be complex.

To help with this, we’ve created four distinct indices that work together to create deeper insights into this student segment. Together, these indices help measure how healthy our education sector is.

Who we surveyed

Our Student Sentiment Index has been an ongoing data collection project that has been in effect since 2016. Responses are gathered monthly where each question is weighed proportionally against our four key sub-indices.

Our Index uses a quasi-representative survey to capture insights – this means our data uses cutting-edge technology to gather responses from an audience pool representative of the prospective students looking to study. We make sure to only collect responses from prospective students considering study within the next 12 months.

Who should use the Index?

  • Education Providers

    Receive insights on specific student segments and their enrolment behaviours. Use insights to maximise craft marketing messages that resonate with students. Use insights to optimise current products and services that align with student needs. Develop accurate forecasts for future course development.

  • Policy Developers

    Receive real time insights of the impacts policy changes have on prospective students. Use insights to refine or create new policies, including funding arrangements.

  • Industry representatives

    Receive real time insights to the health of our education sector. Use insights to identify areas where our education sector may be falling short and seek opportunities for improvement.

  • Research Bodies

    Receive an additional, independent data source to complement existing data collection. Use insights to identify areas where our education sector may be falling short and seek opportunities for improvement.

Explore our SSI publications

We publish a series of articles that unpack each sub-index in more
depth – providing a greater scope of insights for our stakeholders.

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