Lead Generation

Generate student enquiries with the Candlefox Education Marketplace.

Our promise to you

Volume and quality of leads

Our Marketplace allows you to reach and engage with a large pool of active student prospects across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Strong return on marketing investment

With our Marketplace, you’re guaranteed to receive a consistent stream of student leads for you to convert and a stable marketing cost, month-on-month.

Brand exposure

With >1 million active students a month, partners benefit from exposure and reach on our Marketplaces.

Geo-targeting capabilities

Our geo-fencing technology specifies student catchment regions – especially if you offer in-person training – so you only receive leads you can convert.

CRM integration

With our CRM integration, prospective student leads will hit your lead pipeline in real-time so you never miss a beat. We integrate with just about every CRM on the market!

Dedicated account management

Once your courses and integrations are set live, our dedicated account managers work with you to optimise your course listings and budget.

What is it?

Our global Marketplace is home to six unique brands. Our brands are the bedrock of our lead generation service and brand exposure for education providers. 

In addition to our core lead generation service, we also offer additional customisable solutions to help you make the most of our Marketplace.

  • Brand Boost
  • Email and SMS Campaigns
  • Featured Homepage Placements
  • Mystery Shop
  • Phone Leads
  • Post-enquiry Personalisation
  • Sponsored Content
  • Subject Spotlight
  • Video Placements

How it works

  • Content development

    Our Course Administrative Team works with you to create and populate your course listings with content that converts.

  • Course listing live

    Once you’re happy with your course content, we’ll set your course listing live. The moment it does, you’ll start receiving leads.

  • Leads integration

    Depending on your preference, real-time leads are delivered to you via email or direct CRM integration.

  • Real-time tracking

    We provide lead forecasts and real-time tracking, so you can make informed decisions about your marketing spend and budget.

The smarter way to reach students.

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