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How DLC Training Increased Total Student Lead Volume with the Candlefox Marketplace

The UK education landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. Globalisation and emerging technologies are leaving many universities, colleges and training providers wary of their standing on the global education stage.

Simultaneously, the emergence of high-quality institutions worldwide is making it harder for UK training providers to compete for student enrolments

Today’s digital marketers must juggle multiple pieces of the education marketing puzzle – SEOcontent marketing, remarketing and social media (to name a few).

The Candlefox Education Marketplace provides a simple solution for education and training providers looking to streamline their student acquisition journey. Our Marketplace – a network of global brands, including coursesonline.co.uk – connects high-intent student prospects with quality education providers.

Since joining the Candlefox Marketplace, DLC Training has been able to increase total student lead volume, enrol more students and boost overall business growth.

  • Meet DLC Training

    DLC Training is one of the UK’s leading distance learning providers, renowned for helping learners achieve their professional development goals. They specialise in delivering internationally-recognised business management and supply chain management courses.

    Industry 4.0 is changing the way workers approach professional training. Distance learning is rising in popularity, particularly amongst mature-aged learners. DLC Training provides bespoke qualifications to support professionals from all walks of life with their career and education ambitions.

  • Challenge

    Too much reliance on other digital marketing channels that provide little to no value

    Before joining the Candlefox Marketplace, DLC Training invested a substantial amount of their marketing budget into advertisers that provided little return.

    William Baxter, Web and Platform Manager, is responsible for lead generation at DLC Training. He says they needed to find a digital marketing channel that could complement the existing platforms they use. It needed to provide them with consistent lead volumes throughout the year.

    “Providing our Sales team with enough resources to effectively do their role is paramount to our business model. We want to yield as much return on investment as possible through the various channels we advertise with,” says Baxter.

    The core measure of success in student acquisition is ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment), or the calculation of revenue over cost.

    ROMI helps providers measure the total sum invested in paid marketing activities for student enrolment purposes. While there may be various factors that influence ROMI, the single most significant is a provider’s ability to attract a constant stream of student leads.

    However, lead generation in the education industry can be tricky; seasonality and user choice can drastically impact students’ decision to study.

    “Consistency in student enquiries gives us insights and data we can use to plan and forecast our overall business efforts. This [service] is tough to come by in the education industry – some months can be fantastic, while others can drop unexpectedly.”

    Baxter also identified that they needed a channel that could provide industry-first insights and maintain a healthy supply of student enquiries.

  • How Candlefox Helped

    DLC Training first approached Candlefox looking to diversify their digital marketing strategy and increase their student lead volume. With over 60,000 monthly visitors on CoursesOnline, we immediately knew our Marketplace was the ideal solution for DLC Training.

    Our Marketplace helps education and training providers expand their lead generation services by making their courses discoverable to a larger cohort of student prospects.

    • – High-intent students land on our Marketplace actively looking for courses.
    • – Students are funnelled through our Course Navigator, which prompts them to submit a course enquiry.
    • – Leads are then sent to providers in real-time to help facilitate a post-enquiry strategy that bolsters student enrolment rates.

    After the initial consultation with the Candlefox Partnerships Team, Baxter realised the profound impact our Marketplace could have on their business growth.

    “We were looking for an alternative marketing channel that we could invest some budget into and build a strong partnership. Having a channel, like the Candlefox Marketplace, that provides us overall consistency and quality has been principal to our organisation,” says Baxter.

    Implementation was a seamless process. We apply a ‘set and forget’ solution, making it the ultimate low-touch digital marketing tool for education providers.

    “Getting onto the Candlefox Marketplace was an effortless procedure. The end-to-end process from the initial conversation to get our courses live took no more than seven days.


    Since joining the Candlefox Marketplace in December 2018, DLC Training has seen an increase in student leads and consistency in their yearly lead volume

    Our Marketplace provided additional lead generation capabilities for DLC Training. Through advertising with CoursesOnline and Candlefox, they have been able to market their courses to a larger audience and attract more student enquiries.

    Baxter has been impressed with their return on investment from the Candlefox Marketplace.

    “Candlefox not only provides quality leads, but they also go out and find them for you. Other providers lend their systems to the consumers doing the work to find the courses, whereas Candlefox will do proper due diligence and ensure quality leads engage with their platform.

    “Not only have Candlefox delivered the product and service they promised, but they have gone above and beyond and provided us with unparalleled insight into the industry and suggestions to further enhance our products, delivery and overall systems.”

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