The Education Marketplace: A Seamless Approach to Attracting Leads

Claudia Reiners
November 25, 2020

The Education Marketplace: A Seamless Approach to Attracting Leads

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Head of Strategy

Attracting quality leads can be tricky.

There are multiple pieces of the education marketing puzzle, with SEO, CRO, ad campaigns, remarketing and more all playing an integral part to consistent outcomes.

As an education provider, you wear so many hats, and it can get overwhelming.

By partnering with an Education Marketplace, it doesn’t have to be.

What is an Education Marketplace?

An Education Marketplace is an online environment that connects student prospects with quality education providers.

High-intent students land on an Education Marketplace actively looking for courses, making the platform perfect for those looking to explore their study options. Once they have selected their preferred course, the student submits an enquiry. The lead is then sent to the provider in real-time.

Through this solution, providers can list their courses on an Education Marketplace, making them discoverable by key target audiences.

Our solution is ‘set and forget’ — after setting up, you no longer have to worry about juggling the components of an elaborate digital marketing strategy.

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What does the student journey look like?

There is no one set prospective student journey — each user has their own unique research process.

Though, many of these student prospects find us through organic search when looking for course options. When they land on one of our websites, they are typically part way through their research journey.

Students will read more about their preferred industry area on our blogs, filter down their course options through our advanced filtering functionality or use our course search bar to discover the right course for them.

Once they have found their perfect course, they simply fill out a course enquiry form for more information. Then, a ‘Thank You’ is sent containing a free course guide, along with an SMS.

The contact information collected from the student will then hit your CRM so that you can reach out right away.

The last step in the end-to-end journey is a post-enquiry survey, to help both you and us learn more about the student’s overall experience.

How it works for education providers

Becoming a Candlefox partner is simple. Below is an overview of the implementation process:

  • Integrating your leads

    Depending on your preference, real-time leads are received either by email or direct integration. If you opt for API integration with your CRM, our integration specialists will set this up.

  • Course uploading

    The Candlefox Course Administrative Team works with you to create your course listings. These pages are populated with your existing website content or unique copy provided by you. Once these listings are finalised, they are sent to you for approval prior to publishing.

  • Geo-targeting implementation

    If your course offering includes in-class or blended courses, our geofencing technology can specify student catchment areas so that your course listings are only attracting enquiries that are located within allocated zones.

Once your courses and integrations are set up, we work with you to make decisions around your capability and capacity to effectively service enquiries from our marketplace.

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The benefits of partnering with Candlefox

Two core elements underpin the Candlefox Marketplace:


Our quality of service is rooted in empowered partnerships and custom-built solutions.

Candlefox promotes consistent results through a culture of experimentation, industry expertise and data-driven insights, fused with two-way feedback to deliver high-quality leads.


Once you become a partner, we ensure a seamless implementation process.

Our Course Administrative Team works with you to set up your course listings, with geographic optimisation and delivery method considerations available for your courses.

Instead of having to set up and monitor your own Google Ads campaigns, posting on Facebook and blogging every day, on top of filtering through unqualified leads, we provide an uncomplicated alternative.

Jim Rodd
Head of Partnerships

Other services we offer

Premium lead quality is our core service, but we don’t stop there.

Find out more about other Candlefox products and services:

  • Enrolment Services — A specialised service for providers looking to enrol fee-for-service students in their courses.
  • Video Placements — A captivating way for providers to showcase their course offering, located on course listing pages.
  • Phone Leads — An accessible solution where student prospects can call providers directly from course listings.
  • Brand Boost — A solution developed to help partners stand out through a personalised experience and home for their brand.
  • Subject Spotlight — Exclusive placement on a subject area page, giving partners the opportunity to ‘own’ a subject area.
  • Post-Enquiry Personalisation — The ability for providers to personalise their post-enquiry messaging on our marketplace, along with ‘Thank You’ emails and SMS service.
  • Sponsored Content — Collaboration on sponsored advertorials located on our blogs.

Understanding how different students interact throughout their unique journey to enquiry is critical.

Discover a solution that delivers a seamless customer experience and nurtures your prospects in each stage of their journey, connecting your brand with the right kind of students.

Get in touch with the team today to find out how you can get your courses onto the Candlefox Marketplace.

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Claudia Reiners
Head of Strategy
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