ROMI Calculator

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Welcome to our simple ROMI calculator where you can quickly work out whether a course or marketing channel is working for you.

ROMI Calculator

ROMI is revenue over spend. It’s calculated using four components: enrolments, course price, cost-per-lead and number of leads. These four factors combined make up your ROMI and are the inputs in our ROMI calculator.

This tool can be used to calculate your return for a specific course, marketing channel, or overall campaign.

The maximum number of leads is set to 100 for usability, but this can be easily extrapolated for larger volumes.

Enter your data to calculate your ROMI and see how it rates!

Leads per Month
Slide to select leads per month
Cost per Lead
Slide to select cost per lead
Slide to select number of enrolments
Course Price
Slide to select course price
Enrolment Rate
Your ROMI Rating
Needs Improvements
For every $1 you spend, you are getting $[ROMI from above] in return.
This needs improvement. Try to optimise or look to divert your spend elsewhere.

We hope you enjoyed using our ROMI calculator.

If you would like more information about any of the following, please contact the team at Candlefox:

  • Reporting on ROMI
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Course marketing and lead generation
  • Automation and lead nurturing
  • Best practice student conversion techniques
  • Industry insights and benchmarking
  • Competitive analysis

For a refresher on what ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) is check out our ‘Essential ROMI Guide for Education Providers‘.

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