What is Martech, and How Can it be Used in the Education Sector?

Joshua Stoneham
September 1, 2023

Marketing technology (Martech) is an exciting and innovative approach to generating awareness and lead volume for education providers. By putting tech-led marketing at the forefront of a student engagement strategy, providers can tap into new marketing channels and discover exciting opportunities in the education space. 

In this article, we’ll explain more about Martech and its applications in the education sector, and discuss the exciting opportunities it can bring.

What is Martech?

Martech is the utilisation of different technologies and methods to help promote a company or organisation in order to achieve awareness or revenue goals. 

This could be using analytics tools, SEO practices or helping companies use different methods of engagement through dedicated tools. Martech puts technology at the heart of any marketing goal and goes beyond traditional methods seen in this field.

Why is Martech relevant for education providers?

Education providers are always looking for new ways to connect with students and enrol learners in their courses. Generating awareness is a central aim for smaller providers as they try to make a name for themselves against larger, more established providers. 

Marketing is a key aspect of most education providers’ outreach, but not all providers utilise the opportunities that Martech has to offer. Going beyond simple marketing methods, Martech can be a key tool in allowing providers to reach new audiences and outperform competitors in generating enrolments, awareness and revenue. 

But how can education providers practically apply martech in their day-to-day work? Below are some key elements that can be used by martech-focused providers in order to drive up engagement and revenue.

Benefits of implementing SEO best practices

For providers who are keen to reach out to new learners, having a solid search engine optimisation (SEO) plan in place is vital. 

Search engine optimisation refers to the process of including certain keywords, as well as using linking strategies and ensuring a website is fully optimised from a technical point of view. 

By using tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush to get up-to-date information about keyword rankings and site information, providers can appear as the top result on Google when users type in a particular keyword. 

For education providers offering the same courses as their competitors, implementing a well-thought-out SEO practice and appearing at the top of Google’s search results will allow them to be first in line for any eager students looking to enrol. 

SEO can be a core part of a martech strategy or a key cornerstone of how a martech company gets results. By using analytic software and having a deep understanding of how the hierarchy of keywords on Google can be manipulated, any company from any sector can get tangible results and achieve ambitious revenue and awareness goals.

Benefits of utilising analysis tools

For education providers, understanding how users interact with them in a digital space is vital when planning marketing efforts and goals around generating awareness.

Without using analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, Hootsuite and Google Trends, providers have no idea about the journey a user takes to find their courses. This means that providers could be missing out on key engagement opportunities and potentially missing out on thousands of potential learners.

Benefits of partnering with martech companies

For education providers who want to get results but are unsure of their ability to manage ambitious martech strategies in-house, using an external martech company can be the best option. 

Martech companies are dedicated to using all of the technological tools available to deliver leads as well as marketing goals for education providers. Often at the forefront of martech innovations, partnering with companies like this can be an ideal solution to any issues with lead volume or course awareness. 

Martech brands can use martech-led strategies such as content campaigns, digital marketing methods and social media awareness drives, as well as use analysis tools to effectively find and target different student segments.

Should more education providers pivot to become Martech companies?

There are many benefits associated with becoming a Martech company in any industry, but there are unique opportunities for education providers that should be considered. 

Student engagement is central to how education providers find leads and drive revenue. With this in mind, marketing is the most useful tool at providers’ disposal, and should form a key part of their wide engagement strategy.

The benefits of becoming a Martech company are wide-ranging and can help reinvigorate student interaction and create new opportunities for engagement. 

Understanding how to use Martech or pivot towards being a Martech company is a smart decision for companies who want to be at the forefront of brand awareness, customer engagement and digital presence. With more marketing channels opening up for businesses and providers, there’s never been a better time to utilise this approach.

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