How Ducere Achieved a 198.87% Increase in Lead Volume with the ‘Subject Spotlight’ Solution

Claudia Reiners
October 28, 2020

How Ducere Achieved a 198.87% Increase in Lead Volume with the ‘Subject Spotlight’ Solution

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Head of Strategy

Before the Subject Spotlight solution, Ducere was searching for a way to boost lead volumes and brand exposure during the peak of COVID-19.

From its implementation in May 2020, Ducere has seen an impressive uplift in valuable enquiries and the brand’s overall online presence.

Overview — ‘At a Glance’


  • The ‘Subject Spotlight’ solution — a feature that offers partners exclusive placement on a subject page to promote their courses and enhance brand visibility.

Business Challenges

  • Increase enquiry volumes during the pandemic
  • Boost brand visibility among target audiences
  • Strengthen share of voice across the marketplaces


  • A significant uplift in conversion rates over the last five months
  • An increase in impressions with a flow-on effect shown in course view numbers
  • Convenient and safe way for partners to trial with no lock-in contract

Meet Ducere

Ducere Global Business School is an online education provider that offers internationally recognised qualifications in business and leadership.

By partnering with universities and leading organisations, Ducere strives to provide student-focused and industry-relevant qualifications that bridge the gap between “real industry leadership and rigorous academic guidance”.


Like many educational institutes in the height of the pandemic, Ducere was looking to maintain consistent lead volumes despite dramatic shifts to student sentiment during these uncertain times.

Ducere needed a stronger online presence and share of voice to drive more student prospects to submit course enquiries and combat the risk of a COVID-induced low ROI. Ducere has been working with Candlefox for just over one year.

How Candlefox Helped

To help increase the brand’s share of voice and capture more leads, Candlefox worked with Ducere to implement the ‘Subject Spotlight’ solution at the beginning of May 2020.

This feature aims to give partners an extra boost by displaying their brand more prominently – above the fold – on a subject area of their choice. To enhance this exclusive placement, partners can also opt for a ‘Top Result’ listing to bolster brand share of voice and lead generation.

subject spotlight ducere

“Although multiple solutions were both considered and executed, none really seemed to hit the mark when it came down to increasing lead volumes. We knew we needed more exposure to get our name out there, so we were open to trialling new avenues such as the Subject Spotlight solution.”

Saloni Kalra
Marketing Specialist
Ducere Global Business School

As Ducere was able to trial the solution with no lock-in contract, there were no reservations to get started.

Through the application of this solution, Ducere maximised its share of voice within subject speciality areas: business and business administration.


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Increase in Conversions

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Boost in Brand Impressions

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Uplift in Course Views

From its implementation in May 2020, Ducere saw:

  • A 198.87% increase in total valuable enquiries across the Candlefox Marketplaces.
  • An uplift of 247.31% brand impressions on Business and Business Administration subject areas.
  • A 204.37% uplift in prospective students viewing Ducere’s course listings.

To ensure conclusive results, these figures are based off the period before (January to April 2020) and after (May to August 2020) the initial implementation of the Spotlight Solution.

Candlefox products and services are designed to support education providers in maximising student enrolments and streamlining the student journey.

Get in touch with the team today to find out how you can activate the Spotlight Solution.

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Claudia Reiners
Head of Strategy
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