Introducing Workforce Training: A B2B Marketplace Solution

Claudia Reiners
March 17, 2021

Introducing Workforce Training: A B2B Marketplace Solution

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Head of Strategy

We are super excited to announce another addition to the Candlefox toolkit — Workforce Training.

Our Workforce Training Hub is designed for workforce learners looking to fill skills gaps and stay ahead of emerging industry trends. These are:

  • Individuals looking for training on behalf of organisations and businesses, such as managers and HR professionals.
  • Individuals looking for upskilling opportunities to be funded by their employer.

Users can explore a wide range of workplace training options to help guide their professional learning journey.

You can check out our Hubs here:

The Hub helps to facilitate partnerships between businesses, professionals and training providers.

At Candlefox, we recognise that traditional education models can no longer hold the fort when it comes to evolving business needs. The modern workforce needs a solution to help them keep abreast of emerging industry trends.

This new student solution streamlines provider acquisition strategies for corporate training enquiries and serves this new need for continuous learning opportunities.

Helping learners discover innovative workforce training solutions they need to succeed

Accessible from anywhere on-site, the Workforce Training Hub connects business users with courses designed for professional learning and development. Learners can easily filter down course listings depending on the subject area they are interested in pursuing.

  • WFT-AU
  • WFT-UK

Once they decide on their perfect course, learners can then find out more about the right provider by submitting a B2B enquiry.

WFT AU enquiry form scaled

When a Workforce Training lead is submitted, the following information will be sent directly to the provider’s CRM:

  • The organisation that submitted the enquiry
  • Organisation size
  • Number of participants
  • The enquirer and their role within their organisation

These fields help to qualify the lead, while also giving the provider the information they need to help effectively follow up and enrol the lead.

Why we launched Workforce Training

We created Workforce Training to fill an underlying gap in the current corporate training landscape. Learners need a simple, unbiased way to compare training from multiple providers. And we knew our Marketplace was the perfect fit.

Upskilling, lifelong learning and Industry 4.0 are just some of the recurring themes already moulding the future of work. Digital disruption is the new norm, and providers play a key role in helping businesses address these skill shortages.

Opportunities for providers

Workforce Training is the perfect solution for providers looking to streamline their digital marketing strategy and maximise B2B enrolments.

Workforce Training can:

  • Help overcome the challenges in sourcing corporate and business training leads.
  • Simplify the qualification process via pre-screening questions.
  • Facilitate long-term relationships with business partners.
  • Minimise overheads by servicing multiple course enrolments with one single course enquiry.
  • Expand course reach by extending provider course offerings to a B2B market.

The research

Before the launch, we conducted various user research projects and surveys to gain a deeper understanding of our Workforce Training users.

Through participant interviews, we uncovered individual and organisational objectives, our target audience demographics, subjects of interest, pain points and more, which then influenced the production of our Hubs and guided our overarching marketing strategy.

A big part of this is content marketing. Our Hubs are complemented by a diversified content strategy that highlights our authority in the space, serving our target readers with genuinely interesting content that provides them with what they need in their growth journey.

Our overarching content goal is to empower people to be better — no matter their position in an organisation.

How we plan to make it even better

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As we learn more about what these unique learners want from their growth journey, we’ll continue to apply our data and findings to optimise our Hubs and promote better-tailored experiences for corporate Marketplace users.

Some iterations already in the pipeline:

  • Workforce Training category pages

    We are developing corporate training category pages as an alternative comparative tool to assist users in finding the best training courses. Users will soon be able to browse courses by categories that best suit their training needs.

  • Workforce Training in New Zealand

    We have plans to officially launch a fully-established Workforce Training Hub in New Zealand — watch this space!

  • A tailored Navigator experience

    We are tweaking our Course Navigator funnel experience to better support a journey that is tailor-made for business users looking for on-the-job training.

  • A tailored, diversified content marketing strategy

    Through our research, we know that business users have different needs when it comes to making an informed training decision. Our content is designed to attract, inspire and build trust with our business readers, helping them discover solutions to their unique pain points.

Start generating B2B leads with Workforce Training.

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Claudia Reiners
Head of Strategy
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