Meet the Team: Rory

Claudia Reiners
August 20, 2019

Meet the Team: Rory

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Head of Strategy

Our team is the heart and soul of the work that we do.

Today, we’re going to kick off a series of articles that introduce you to the wider Candlefox team, and how our team helps to provide the best possible service to our providers and users alike.

Meet Rory Lippell!

Rory joined us earlier this year, and is one of the newer members of the Candlefox family.

With a wealth of experience in client relationship management and digital marketing, he was a welcome addition to our growing Partnerships Team.

Rory works as a Senior Account Manager and is responsible for taking care of the providers across our network.

We sat down with Rory to get a better feel for his experience working with our clients, and what makes Candlefox a unique place to work.

What do you like about working here at Candlefox?

Rory: We have a great product, which means our clients are genuinely happy. It’s fantastic to work in an environment where you can see the product driving real value to clients.

There is a real transparency in the direction of the business, so we’re all aligned and on the same page, which is really refreshing.

Alongside a pretty flat organisational structure, we operate in a strong team environment, so you get to work closely with all departments.

How do you demonstrate and drive value to the Candlefox client base?

Rory: A key part of my role is a regular meeting cadence with our clients – not only to provide a regular platform for discussion, but to present data and insights on top of our lead generation and course marketing services, such as brand awareness metrics and benchmarking.

We like to give our partners a real sense of what is happening across the whole vocational and higher education space, so that we are better equipped to have discussions and can understand how to create better services for our partners.

Best part of the job so far?

Rory: Chatting with clients over meetings is probably the best part of the day!

I also love building relationships with our new clients. I’ve also loved the opportunities so far to attend conferences and travelling to visit clients.

Most surprising part of the job?

Rory: The sheer amount of site traffic and student enquiries that we see across our marketplace – I didn’t expect the reach of the Candlefox network of sites in Australia to be so huge!

We also have some impressive growth plans over the next 10 years, which is exciting to be a part of and which I didn’t expect to be playing such a huge role in.

I was also surprised by how much the company cares about our clients – who are really the backbone of our business. We want to see our providers succeed and maximise their student enrolments, and in digital marketing, it’s not often that you see a company so invested in the success of their clients.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 6 months?

Rory: Immersing myself in the education sector and learning as much as I can. I’m also looking forward to growing out my account base even further and taking on an Account Manager under me so that we can continue to service our client base as best as possible.

What’s the team really like?

Rory: A lot of fun. One of our company values is ‘Get stuff done, have some fun’, and our office environment really speaks to this! We do work hard, but have a lot of fun in the process!

It’s a pretty young team with common interests and a lot of drive to succeed.

What do Candlefox clients say?

Rory: In all honesty, 99% of our clients give us excellent feedback!

Join us over the coming weeks and months to read more about life at Candlefox!

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Claudia Reiners
Head of Strategy
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