Meet the Team: Jim

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Content Marketing Manager

Meet Jim!

As the Head of Partnerships at Candlefox for almost three years, Jim has a very keen eye for strategic partnership management and development and is a gun at driving business results.

We managed to steal Jim for a quick interview (he’s a busy man!) and chat to him about his time here at Candlefox.

What do you like about working here at Candlefox?

Jim: Candlefox offers a great work-life balance. We live by our company values – we work hard but have a lot of fun along the way.

What’s the team like?

Jim: The team at Candlefox are amazing! We encourage and support each other on both professional and personal front. We really are like one big family.

What makes us unique to our partners?

Jim: Running Australia’s largest education marketplace, we help connect partnering providers with prospective students.

We work closely with our partners and advise on best practise post enquiry techniques aimed at optimising their student acquisition. We strive to achieve mutually profitable outcomes and recognise that if it doesn’t work for our customers it doesn’t work for us.

We’re unique in that we offer our providers access to performance benchmarking insights and broader marketplace trends.

What do our clients say about us?

Jim: We provide a consistent dependable service that offers access to industry-leading ROI.

We are professional, approachable and like that we’re open to experimentation if we produces positive outcomes for both parties.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 6 months?

Jim: Expanding the partnerships team and working closely with our valued customers to better understand key challenges. Identifying new products and services to meet these needs.

Check out our blog next month for another interview with a Fox! 🦊

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=100&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Olivia is a dedicated and creative content marketing professional with expertise in digital content, strategy development and data analysis — all within the education marketing scope. She is also a devoted over-user of em dashes — seriously, someone needs to stop her.

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