All You Need to Know About the Candlefox Provider Awards 2020

Claudia Reiners
December 19, 2019

All You Need to Know About the Candlefox Provider Awards 2020

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Head of Strategy

Candlefox was founded on values of ambition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the student journey.

These values are not only evident in our team make-up and work ethic but, very importantly, the education providers that we continue to partner with.

And to show our partners how appreciative we are of them and the lengths they go to, we are launching our inaugural Provider Awards 2020 on!

As all our partners know, at Candlefox, we’re committed to offering the best service and highest quality courses to all prospective and current students. We are passionate about an enriching and outcomes-based education that gives students flexibility and control over their career journey.

We also understand the key role education and things such as tutor support, good customer service and robust e-learning platforms can play in students’ success. For that reason, the providers we work with undergo an internal vetting process, during which we assess whether they demonstrate the same passion and commitment to the student journey as we practise every working day.

The same process is applied to every website we own, including Coursesonline. These fruitful partnerships and shared vision have paved the path for the success of Coursesonline. In the last 12 months, Coursesonline has grown 200% and it is now home to over 50 premium education providers, over 1000 courses and we’ve helped more than 40,000 UK course seekers.

We’re proud of our achievements and success to date, and our partners are a notable part of this. With this in mind, we’re excited for the opportunity to recognise and award our partners as part of our Provider Awards.

What Are the Provider Awards?

The awards will be handed out across five different categories. Some award categories will be based on student survey data that we have collected, while others will be judged internally and based in part on the information that we have received from you explaining why you think you should win.

Another great thing about these awards is that they offer our providers and their students the unique opportunity to voice what they think is going well, and flag areas that perhaps need some work.

Now onto the fun part – hard working winners will be given awards and badges to display on their websites to show prospective and current students that their commitment to the student journey remains steadfast and award-winning.

Award Categories and Shortlisted Providers

Excellence in Customer Service

The aim of this category is to highlight the great lengths to which the winner of this award continually goes to in delivering professional, prompt and high-quality service to both prospective and existing students. The winner of this award will be decided based on student survey data.

Excellence in Course Content

Also decided using student survey data, the Excellence in Course Content award will be given to a provider who excelled in their course content and learning materials provision.

Our student survey results have shown that there is a link between high ‘course content’ scores and students’ confidence in their ability to get a job following completion of the course.

Trusted Partner

The winners for this award are decided by the Candlefox/Coursesonline team internally, with the aim of recognising providers who have demonstrated their commitment to the student journey and providing above-average courses and services to their student base.

Specialist Provider

The Specialist Provider category seeks to acknowledge the outstanding work done by our specialist providers. Be it IT or HR, we want to commend those providers who have made unrivalled strides in offering the highest quality specialist courses within their niche.

The providers shortlisted for this award category are:

  • IoSCM (Institute of Supply Chain Management)

    IoSCM is an international institute and renowned professional body devoted to representing the interests of the wider supply chain. This provider is dedicated to elevating the industry standards, by offering premium courses and training, and promoting best practice.

  • Jellyfish

    Globally recognised for their contributions to the field of digital marketing, Jellyfish remain steady in their commitment to driving digital transformation by offering high-quality, engaging courses for current and aspiring digital marketers.

  • IDM (Institute of Data & Marketing)

    For over 30 years, IDM has been busy promoting high standards and excellence in marketing through its student-focused approach and award-winning courses.

  • IT Career Switch

    IT Career Switch are taking the further education sector by the storm with both their courses offerings and the amazing additional services they provide. Time and time again, this provider demonstrates their commitment to doing right by their students both during and after the course, by offering things like job placements and general career support.


The ‘Trailblazer’ award category aims to bring recognition to providers spearheading the further education sector, not just in terms of their course provisions but also additional resources and services that are unique and hard to find. Whether that be help filling out job applications, setting up a LinkedIn page or placing students in roles during or following completion of the course, we want to let these providers know that we see and are in awe of their fantastic work.

The providers shortlisted for this award category are:

  • Redbridge

    Despite embarking on the further education sector only recently, Redbridge are already on their way to establishing their status as a premium IT course provider. The lengths to which they go in terms of their career programmes and the support they offer students in kick-starting their career journey are definitely things worth screaming about. And we are!

  • Learning People

    Learning People are career experts evidently committed to offering innovative, outcomes-based education. To this end, this provider offers a wide spectrum of career services aimed at helping students make the most out of their courses and maximise their employment potential.

  • IT Career Switch

    There’s a reason why IT Career Switch have been nominated for two awards – their commitment to supporting their students on the career path by offering career services not easy to come by in the further education sector definitely sets them apart from the competition.

  • QA

    QA takes great pride in the work it does to ensure every student journey is unique, fulfilling and stress-free. And we do, too! From helping students choose the right course to offering help with applications and personal statements, QA doesn’t let any student of theirs feel like they’re ever on their own.

Whether it be their excellent customer service, engaging and enriching course content, or innovative extended services, all of the providers listed above have impressed us and their students in one way or another. For that reason, we’re delighted to be able to let them know that we see and admire the incredible work they’ve been doing.

We look forward to next year when we announce and reward all of our winners, who are just as committed to and passionate about high-quality education and the student journey as we, at Candlefox, are.

Keep an eye out for more updates and see you in January!

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Claudia Reiners
Head of Strategy
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