MySkills 2019 Australian Training Awards: Recognising exceptional talent in the vocational education space

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Beginning in 1994, the Australian Training Awards is an annual event held for the vocational education and training sector (VET).

Key Takeaways:

  • The Australian Training Awards acknowledge individuals such as apprentices and trainees, VET students and teachers, employers and training providers and how these bodies positively contribute to vocational education and training.
  • An RTO’s ability to directly support the fulfilment of it’s corresponding state’s skills requirements was a reoccurring theme in last year’s winners and finalists.
  • Strong connections to and collaborations with the institute’s relevant industry areas was another factor that was highly valued among 2018’s winners and finalists.

The Awards have been developed to recognise the contribution made by individuals, business and registered training organisations (RTOs), in their ability to effectively build the skill sets of Australians.

This year, the 2019 Australian Training Awards will be held in Brisbane, Queensland on Thursday 21 November.

Our strong VET sector is preparing Australians with the skills employers need now and into the future.

This year’s impressive finalists showcase the outstanding career opportunities offered by vocational education and training.

Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business

RTO 2018 Winners and Finalists – What made them stand out?

According to the Australian Training Awards website, the winners and finalists selected for each award were selected as they were ‘high performing’ and ‘high quality’ institutes, whose courses directly support the fulfillment of its state’s skills requirements.

Strong industry engagement and close collaboration with each provider’s corresponding industry area also held great value when nominating, alongside prioritising industry qualifications in state skill shortage areas and maintaining a team of industry experts and active staff in professional fields.

When looking at the finalists and the winner for the ‘International Training Provider of the Year 2018’ award, it is clear that a unique delivery model and valuable partnerships with quality Australian universities is highly sought after, as this collaboration provides international students with multiple pathway opportunities. Conducting research such as market analysis through country profiles and employer surveys also demonstrates initiative and a clear dedication to international students; a quality that stands out against other institutions.

The Finalists – Registered Training Organisation

Small Training Provider of the Year Award

  • Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services – WA
  • Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta – NSW
  • Wisdom Learning – ACT

Large Training Provider of the Year Award

  • Sunraysia Institute of TAFE – VIC
  • Canberra Institute of Technology – ACT
  • Charles Darwin University – NT

International Training Provider of the Year Award

  • Melbourne Polytechnic – VIC
  • TAFE Queensland – QLD

School Pathways to VET Award

  • Circular Head Christian School – TAS
  • Tasmanian Secondary Colleges RTO – TAS
  • St James College – QLD

The Finalists – Business

Small Employer of the Year Award

  • Crusader Homes – TAS
  • Kennedy’s Timbers – QLD
  • FORWAARD Aboriginal Coporation – NT

Medium Employer of the Year Award

  • Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation – SA
  • Astill’s Electrical Services Pty Ltd – QLD
  • Obieco Industries – NSW

Large Employer of the Year Award

  • Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority – VIC
  • Fairbrother – TAS
  • Barminco – WA

Australian Apprenticeships – Employer Award

  • Capital S.M.A.R.T. – VIC
  • Essential Energy – NSW
  • Roy Hill Holdings – WA

Industry Collaboration Award

  • Holmesglen Institute and Royal Children’s Hospital Collaboration – VIC
  • EQIP Gladstone Incorporated – QLD
  • ACT Cyber Security Collaboration – ACT

The Finalists – Individual

Apprentice of the Year

  • James Everson White – ACT
  • Rory Milner – NT
  • Kate Jansen – SA
  • Jake Carter – VIC
  • Nelson Florimo – NSW
  • Ellie Farrington – QLD
  • Marek Porter – TAS
  • Anthony Di Cristofaro – WA

Trainee of the Year

  • Amelia Gulliford – ACT
  • Jack Short – NT
  • Sarah Mills – SA
  • Daniela Feldman – VIC
  • Samuel Heffernan – NSW
  • Aman Meles – QLD
  • Stephen Witkowski – TAS
  • Rebecca Lee Hudson – WA

Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year Award

  • Olivia Horvat – ACT
  • Ashlee Gilder – NT
  • Sophie Nuske – SA
  • Heidi Rasmussen – VIC
  • Arcadia Meldrum – NSW
  • Luke Fraley – QLD
  • Daniel Ragg – TAS
  • Tiffany Heelan – WA

Vocational Student of the Year Award

  • Rebecca Sturt – ACT
  • Jacqui Culgan – NT
  • Shaona Imaru – SA
  • Rachael Hilder – VIC
  • Christian Fritze – NSW
  • Kristy McDermott – QLD
  • Benjamin Ling – TAS
  • Chloe Baigent – WA

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award

  • Taylor Williams – ACT
  • Raelene Collins – NT
  • Tyrone Hughes – SA
  • Tanya McDonald – VIC
  • Jemasin Joyce – NSW
  • Shaunah Downton – QLD
  • Djuker Willis-Hart – TAS
  • Rekeisha Voss – WA

VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award

  • Ken Wilson – ACT
  • Patricia Sweeney Fawcett – NT
  • Gina Dal Santo – SA
  • Jodi Rechsteiner-Sanders – VIC
  • Sarah Ford – NSW
  • Jacqui Dale – QLD
  • Darren Scott – TAS
  • Matthew King – WA

Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award

  • Michelle Cowans – NSW
  • Debra Guntrip – TAS
  • Wendy Kennedy – NT

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=100&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

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