Introducing Ulleo – A Candlefox Education Delivery Brand Connecting Students to Industry

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Ulleo – education specialists helping students master the skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

Ulleo is a new education product by the team at Candlefox. It joins a growing list of Candlefox products and services.

Ulleo’s short courses are co-created with industry and delivered to students via cutting-edge digital technology. They are designed to inspire and empower students by elevating the learning experience. 

At Candlefox, we’re passionate about connecting students with high-quality education providers, and that’s why we’ve created Ulleo.

Ulleo Learning Design and Content Strategy Manager, Brett Woolford says, “Ulleo immerses students in the industry they’re learning about. We take our students behind the scenes and connect them to real industry leaders who can inspire them to take the next step in their careers.”

Ulleo’s online community is a point of difference for learners in the non-accredited education space. It’s an inclusive environment where students can interact, engage and learn directly from subject matter experts and industry mentors. 

Looking ahead, Ulleo will help bridge the gap between non-accredited and accredited learning in Australia. 

Candlefox Director of Education Delivery, Dave Duncan said: “We have plans to develop Ulleo into a pathway partner for further education providers. We’re confident this new product will add depth to Australia’s existing vocational and tertiary education sectors and foster a culture of lifelong learning.”

The launch of Ulleo represents the next phase of the Candlefox brand. 

Candlefox has been servicing the education market as a digital marketing and lead generation partner since 2009. We’re excited to continue innovating new education products and services that add value to students, education partners and industry.

The first Ulleo course, ‘Interior Design and Decoration’, launched on Tuesday 15 June 2021. 

To learn more, head to the Ulleo website or get in touch.

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