Salesforce Basecamp 2019 – A Recap

aa27a5c5e7cfdad2804023cbf9ef23bd?s=50&d=mm&r=g Alex Galgano
Email Marketing Manager

On the 17th of September 2019, Salesforce hosted their annual ‘Basecamp’ event in Melbourne.

Some members of the Candlefox Email Marketing and IT teams were lucky enough to attend.

The focus was on the future, and how the changing tech and marketing landscape will impact businesses of today.

‘Unprecedented Levels of Connectivity’, ‘Having a 360 Degree View of the Customer’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ were the key themes covered in the event. All three of these key points provide endless opportunities for Sales and Marketing professionals to create amazing customer experiences at every stage of the user journey.

A 360° view of the customer is essential for advanced personalisation

Email marketing should be a mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its subscribers. Subscribers offer up their information in exchange for personalised experiences, where they’re treated as an individual and not just a number in a large database. Email marketers are then able to generate conversions and revenue for the business as a result of this relationship.


of customers are willing to share relevant information about themselves in exchange for contextualised interactions in which they’re immediately known and understood

Data comes in many different forms and from a variety of sources. With scattered data about an individual that is spread out across multiple platforms and channels, it can be challenging to use this data effectively to personalise every interaction with your customers. This is where creating a single 360° view of your customers can prove invaluable. Monash University spoke at the event and discussed how their approach is to have ‘one record and one journey for every audience member’.

What does creating a 360° view of the customer actually mean?

It is essentially assigning a unique ID to every customer and then linking all data about the individual from every channel and interaction back to that ID.

Why is it beneficial?

  • Understand the full story about your subscribers
  • Improve personalisation in email marketing and advertising
  • Communicate with your customers at an individual level, and at scale
  • Significantly improve marketing activity engagement rates

Connectivity is the 4th industrial revolution – Create amazing customer experiences

In the 1700s we had steam, in the 1800s we had electricity, in the 1900s we had computing, and today we have connectivity – the 4th industrial revolution. People and products are now more connected than ever before, and this level of connectivity is the biggest opportunity for digital marketers.

With unprecedented levels of data about individuals, marketers now have the opportunity to use this information to create amazing customer experiences. These experiences will not only increase customer satisfaction; they will also drive revenue and growth. Customers now expect personalised experiences, and if companies aren’t delivering personalisation across all of their channels, customers will look to brands that are.

According to a Salesforce global research study:

57% of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience. What’s more, 62% say they share bad experiences with others.

The best way to enhance your user experience is by increasing the level of personalisation. Everyone is unique, and so every interaction a user has with your brand should be unique too.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful sales and marketing tool

With greater levels of connectivity and a 360° view of the customer, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant opportunities to come out of this for marketers. Put simply, AI is all about using the past to predict the future.

AI uses existing data to make predictions and recommendations to save marketers and sales professionals both time and money.

Sales professionals can know instantly which accounts to focus their attention on, with a likelihood to convert indicator generated by AI intelligence. The alternative is contacting opportunities in no logical order and risk missing out on significant chunks of revenue.

When it comes to email marketing, AI can enhance the level of personalisation significantly. For example, one use case that was covered in the conference was dynamic send times. This is a massive opportunity for email marketers because currently, a single send time for everyone is the norm. Having the ability to send an email at different times depending on when an individual is most likely to open is a game-changer. Instantly increasing opens, clicks, conversions and revenue.

At Candlefox, we are always keen to explore new trends and emerging industry insights.

This year’s Salesforce ‘Basecamp’ event and its overarching theme of ‘the future’ encompasses this, and has provided us with a refreshed insight into how we can better our approach to consistent and delightful student experiences – through each step of their education journey.

aa27a5c5e7cfdad2804023cbf9ef23bd?s=100&d=mm&r=g Alex Galgano
Email Marketing Manager

As Email Marketing Manager, Alex is responsible for all things email marketing related. From formulating email copy and building emails to developing complex student journeys and activating automations.

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