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cb97e0c01687d6a1045c20020e5b4426?s=50&d=mm&r=g Will Panton
Head of Product

Over the past 12 months, we’ve more than doubled our employee count, and realised it was about time that Candlefox put a formal parental leave policy in place.

We’ve always offered a great deal of flexibility to our employees, and more than anything, a growing business needs to support all of its staff at their various stages of life.

Many young, vibrant companies are overtaking the corporate sector in this regard, and we saw the need to cement our standing as a supportive and forward thinking place to work, for our current and future employees.

Becoming a parent is an exciting time, and we’re proud to announce our newly minted Parental Leave Policy!

Main policy benefits:

  • 3 months paid leave for primary caregivers
  • 1 month paid leave for secondary caregivers
  • Ability for parents to ‘pass the baton’ on primary carer’s leave
  • Additional paid leave depending on the length of employee service
  • Superannuation contributions during paid and unpaid leave

We also offer ongoing flexibility to primary carers post 12 months of guaranteed leave.

How does our policy compare?

We’re pretty proud of our new policy, and our team is too.

As we grow out the team and the business, we’re committed to helping our current and future team members grow.

Only 1 in 4 of Australia’s 500 biggest businesses offer 2+ weeks secondary and 12+ weeks primary carer’s leave. And only 1 in 10 of Australia’s biggest businesses allow primary carers to ‘pass the baton’.

‘Passing the baton’ allows the primary carer’s three months paid leave to be accessed within 12 months after birth. This means that the secondary carer can also benefit from this policy – by choosing to move from the secondary carer and become the primary (should the original primary carer go back to work within this time-frame) the now primary carer is eligible for paid primary carer leave.

To ensure that employees who choose to take parental leave are not disadvantaged, super contributions will also be paid for the total period of parental leave.

We believe it’s important for mothers, fathers, primary and secondary carers to maintain and develop their careers, and we’re here to support parents through their child rearing years.


According to one of our staff, “The Candlefox parental leave policy is a big step in bridging the divide between genders in the workplace. And not just for women. The policy allows flexibility in shared parental responsibility, and the paid superannuation for the term of parental leave is just icing on the cake!”

Why Parental Leave Policies are important

For us, a Parental Leave Policy is more than just being an employer of choice for our staff; past, future and present. We believe that a parental leave policy is an entitlement that all of our employees deserve.

We want our staff to feel valued, just as we work hard to achieve a healthy work life balance for all our employees, day in and day out.

More than that, we want to make family life achievable for all our staff; something that goes hand in hand with building a career. A parental leave policy goes a long way towards creating equity between both sexes, and ensuring that primary carers are not unfairly disadvantaged with birth, surrogacy or the adoption of a child.

Our most important asset as a business is our people.

– Zig van der Sluys, CEO

Tech and small business leading the charge

It’s no secret that Australia has been lagging behind in the paternity leave stakes, having only introduced the country’s first paid parental leave scheme in 2011.

And we still have a long way to go.

As a country, we’re still dragging our feet in the unequal division of unpaid childcare and paid work. There is still a lot of work to be done in improving family work/life balance.

Thankfully, it’s small businesses such as ours and tech companies that are pushing the envelope and helping turn the tide.

We can’t wait to see the wider Candlefox family grow!

cb97e0c01687d6a1045c20020e5b4426?s=100&d=mm&r=g Will Panton
Head of Product

As Head of Product at Candlefox, Will is responsible for ensuring users have a great experience when visiting the marketplace, and clients get a great return from our services.

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