Meet the Team: Wayne

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=50&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Meet Wayne!

As newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Wayne’s primary role is to work with and facilitate collaboration between three distinct groups at Candlefox: the Executive Team, the Broader Management Team and the PTM Team (Product, Technology and Marketing).

We chatted with Wayne about his experience at Candlefox, and how he has found the last five years working for the business.

What do you like most about working at Candlefox?

Wayne: Without a doubt, it’s the people we have in our organisation. I’ve never experienced a culture like Candlefox. Everyone gets along so well. Walking into the office (which I’m missing!) always feels good. It’s like you’re catching up with friends, not going to work for the day.

How have you found working with the team?

Wayne: When you love your job and so do the people around you, work-life is incredibly fulfilling. Working with my team is exciting, invigorating, and always an absolute pleasure.

What makes Candlefox unique?

Wayne: How we celebrate our successes. When we deliver against our mission, everyone in the business is included and recognised for the part they play in helping bring about a great outcome. I also think our values and the way we approach our work is unlike other companies I’ve worked for. The feeling of unity and shared purpose across the business is awesome to see in action every day.

What’s been the biggest achievement for Candlefox so far?

Wayne: I can remember when we we’re a small startup with just 5 employees and a single website. Now, we’ve grown to almost 50 people across multiple continents, coupled with diverse web platforms generating targeted and highly qualified student leads for over 150 clients.

In addition, we’ve expanded into enrolment services, effectively delivering an enrolled student to our education clients in place of our traditional lead generation service. This has been a very successful initiative, feedback from our clients is great, and we’re actively ramping up our bandwidth to meet demand.

Most surprising part of the job?

Wayne: How new it feels every day. I’ve never once felt like my job has become stale or uninteresting. Every day feels like you’ve just begun a new job, something I find quite extraordinary.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Wayne: At Candlefox, we are constantly looking for ways to help our clients. Our Product, Technology, and Marketing teams are working hard on several new service offerings, all of which are geared toward improved experiences for our users, and a better return on investment for our customers.

Watch this space!

Anything else you’d like to cover?

Wayne: In this difficult time, I’ve gained a new appreciation for what a remarkable business we work for. Our company is playing a role in helping many disaffected people begin the long road back to normality. It’s been inspiring to see how hard people are working from home, doing their best to improve our products and services at a time when people need to begin a new phase in their careers. Keep up the great work Candlefox!

Check out our blog next month for another interview with a Fox! 🦊

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=100&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Olivia is a dedicated and creative content marketing professional with expertise in digital content, strategy development and data analysis — all within the education marketing scope. She is also a devoted over-user of em dashes — seriously, someone needs to stop her.

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