Meet the Team: Rob

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Content Marketing Manager

Meet Rob!

As the Candlefox UK team’s second member and the country’s Head of Sales, Rob takes the lead in collaborating with our partners, to support the execution of unique strategies that help to enrol more students in the most efficient and effective ways.

We sat down with Rob to discuss his vital part in the Candlefox team.

Best part of the job so far?

Rob: All of it! If I have to pick specific aspects though, the autonomy of the role and working for a business that is constantly aiming to improve and grow is brilliant.

Working with a truly amazing team of people every day and providing a service that helps improve people’s lives is the icing on top!

How do we help our partners?

Rob: As well as reaching a high intent, premium quality audience of prospective course seekers for our partners, we also provide extensive reporting and data analysis to help improve everything from lead delivery through to post enquiry best practice.

We support the entire student recruitment process and provide ongoing consultation on how to improve our partners’ processes.

How you drive value to our clients?

Rob: My role is to work collaboratively with partners and gain a sound understanding of how we can help them enrol more students in a more efficient way.

We do this by recommending the best services, strategies, processes and advertising methods.

What do our clients say about us?

Rob: Our clients regularly praise our customer service and support, as well as the quality of leads and subsequent results.

Given our relatively short time in the market, many are surprised at how quickly we’ve become an integral part of their marketing activity.

Just wait until we’ve really established ourselves!

How have you found working with the team?

Rob: It’s been incredible working with both the UK and Australian teams.

We have an extremely talented group of people, everyone cares about Candlefox and are very supportive of one another.

Despite being 11 hours behind Australia, it’s really amazing how well we work together.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 6 months?

Rob: I’m most excited about continuing to launch new products and services, to further support our partners in enrolling students.

I’m also looking forward to growing the UK commercial team!

Check out our blog next month for another interview with a Fox! 🦊

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=100&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Olivia is a dedicated and creative content marketing professional with expertise in digital content, strategy development and data analysis — all within the education marketing scope. She is also a devoted over-user of em dashes — seriously, someone needs to stop her.

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