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Content Marketing Manager

We’ve recently welcomed Kirk Spinks to our New Zealand Team, and we’re excited for our new Country Manager to spearhead our NZ operations moving forwards!

While a native Australian, Kirk has been in New Zealand long enough to have almost switched sides in the cricket and rugby.

That aside, he’s a fantastic asset to our team!

Kirk has been working in the education space for over 10 years, and we couldn’t have asked for a better Candlefox representative for our growing global footprint.

We sat down with Kirk to get his thoughts on what his plans are for Candlefox NZ and our local website in NZ,

What do you like most about working at Candlefox?

Kirk: I admire the fact that we are a team of disruptors, and I was impressed by the level of enthusiasm for new ideas and initiatives from the entire team.

We really do live by our values, one of which is ‘Hungry Like the Fox’.

How have you found working with the team?

Kirk: In one word – inspiring! Everyone is an expert at what they do, and in every conversation or meeting I find myself learning something new from all stakeholders involved.

The team also know how to have fun and a good laugh!

Best part of the job so far?

Kirk: Connecting with New Zealand education providers who are passionate about providing high quality education!

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Kirk: At the moment I’m working with our Product team to refresh our NZ website, I am learning a lot about effective front end development and how much goes into creating a world class performing website.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 6 months?

Kirk: I’m excited to scale our New Zealand operations and deliver exceptional results for our clients. As well as delivering on our vision of becoming New Zealand’s largest education marketplace!

Explain how Candlefox in NZ provides value to education providers?

Kirk: The core of what we do is generating high quality prospective student leads at various parts of the enrolment journey. Our customer centric approach ensures our partnerships all start with a deep understanding of our prospective clients’ needs. This enables us to tailor our products and services to ensure that they are both fit for purpose, and deliver a high ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

Ultimately, we’re always trying to maximise student enrolments for our clients, and sharing our wealth of experience gained from 8 years experience of working with over 150+ education providers globally.

Why did you decide to join the Candlefox team?

Kirk: I was looking for a new challenge, and wanted to stay connected to the education sector, which I am incredibly passionate about. Candlefox presented me with an opportunity to utilise both my knowledge and experience in the sector, whilst growing my skills and capability in digital marketing.

This is on top of the fantastic team!

What differentiates Candlefox in the digital marketing ecosystem?

Kirk: The huge volume of users who visit our global marketplace network every day enables us to be true industry leaders – these data insights power our products and services.

We’re also 100% focused on education marketing, which makes us real subject matter experts!

How do you think you will make an impact to the Candlefox team ?

Kirk: I believe my 10+ years experience in the vocational education sector will give a real voice to our client’s needs and pain points.

This will hopefully put us in a great position to drive innovative product developments that can add real value to our customers.

Any final comments?

Kirk: Living in NZ will give my Aussie colleagues someone else to pick other than our UK team during the Rugby World Cup!

Check our blog next month to find out more about the Candlefox team!

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=100&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Olivia is a dedicated and creative content marketing professional with expertise in digital content, strategy development and data analysis — all within the education marketing scope. She is also a devoted over-user of em dashes — seriously, someone needs to stop her.

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