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8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=50&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Meet Adele!

As our Content Specialist, Adele’s role is the definition of ‘multi-faceted’.

One day she’s tinkering with a ‘how-to-article’, or driving out with our in-house video producer, Maddie, to interview and photograph someone who has an intriguing career story.

On another day, she’s creating a page layout for one of our in-depth career guides, promoting our content in online communities, or diving into SEO metrics and reports.

We chatted with Adele to gain some deeper insights around her role here at Candlefox and what she does best: content.

Can you introduce yourself, and what your role is here?

Adele: I’m Adele, Content Specialist at Candlefox. In a nutshell, that means I write and produce blog content for our sites.

I’m a career changer, so I empathise with a big chunk of our users.

First, I studied photography and jumped head-first into the frenetic world of freelance work. That morphed organically into working on design projects for a small multimedia company.

Then I went back to uni a few years later, to study a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Literature and Philosophy, because I’m a nerd and I love narrative and big ideas. Like a lot of people, I think, I was looking for a way to combine the things I enjoyed and was good at.

Most of the time you don’t know what that’s going to be until you get there. Now I’m pretty big into the value of a humanities education and very pro-lifelong-learning… a nice alignment with what Candlefox does!

What do you like most about working at Candlefox?

Adele: I’ve been at many crossroads in my working life so far; I’ve taken a few pivots and side steps.

I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to try and make a decision when there is so much riding on your choice, especially when you can’t find the information you need. In the education space, we’re in the unique position of being able to influence one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. That’s a huge responsibility!

So I like being in a position to help through making better information available. Writing for a particular person and empathising with their situation – it’s a kind of problem-solving exercise, paired with creativity and analytical thinking.

How have you found working with the team?

Adele: I feel extremely lucky to have landed at Candlefox. We have a truly delightful group of people and our culture is very people-centred.

I never thought I would feel this comfortable in a work environment… honestly, I keep pinching myself.

Everyone talks to everyone else, even if they have completely different jobs. Each person has something interesting to teach you, or a point of view to share.

Sure, we have different interests and life experiences, but we’re united by a strong curiosity and an urge to reinvent things.

What makes Candlefox unique?

Adele: We were small when I joined in July of 2018, but we’ve grown so fast! And I think that we still have the ethos of a small business; you can work on what interests you, and management is receptive to innovation.

If you have an idea, people will give you their time. It’s quite open in that way, open to conversation and change.

What’s been your biggest achievement for Candlefox so far?

Adele: It’s been gratifying to be part of a big revamp of our B2C blogs – both in terms of design and content, taking cues from industry-leading blogs.

We’re putting the user at the centre, and looking for ways to fill gaps in knowledge. We’ve seen some dramatic changes and improvements along the way, and I’m really proud of that. It’s definitely been a team effort, and I’m grateful to work with such talented and dedicated people.

The most surprising part of the job?

Adele: How multi-disciplinary it is! And how much autonomy you’re given.

It took me a while to get used to being given open slather. You can accomplish the work however you like, you can take risks, and you’re given plenty of support.

When you start to see results from projects you’ve taken ownership of, it’s so satisfying. You can point to something, and say, “That’s mine. I did that.”

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Adele: Creating descriptive, narrative articles based on people’s real-world experiences in different fields, which I think is sorely lacking in careers and education space. Strictly informational, data-driven careers content has its place, but I think people are hungry for more – more human context.

Biography and creative non-fiction writing is some of my favourite work to read when I want to be inspired. It opens up your imagination in a way that pure fiction doesn’t, perhaps because it’s anchored in reality.

So we’re building on our past ‘career journeys’ series and shifting it slightly to a “Day in the Life” series – thinking of how we can use real-world information and people’s experiences.

What are you most looking forward to over the next six months?

Adele: We’re taking a step back from our content action plan and thinking about our ‘why’ more deeply. And also looking at how we can create more multidisciplinary pieces – building on incorporating words, imagery, design, interactivity, animation.

The vision is making something into an experience rather than a static ‘piece’ of content. The internet has the potential to connect people with questions to people with answers.

I’m excited to explore ways to achieve that and flip the status quo when it comes to careers and education.

Check out our blog next month for another interview with a Fox! 🦊

8319d14fdf895c07e6a243c5c23179c5?s=100&d=mm&r=g Olivia Blazevic
Content Marketing Manager

Olivia is a dedicated and creative content marketing professional with expertise in digital content, strategy development and data analysis — all within the education marketing scope. She is also a devoted over-user of em dashes — seriously, someone needs to stop her.

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