Introducing the Course Comparison Tool – Built for Smarter Course Searches

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Our new Course Comparison Tool helps learners quickly find and compare their most-suited courses. 

Course Comparison helps learners design, map and choose their own career pathway, and is now available on our Marketplace.

Learners can now easily sift through thousands of courses, shortlist and compare their favourites, and enquire about the perfect one. 

Giving learners control over their learning’s mission is to make learning as easy and accessible as possible. We want to assist and support learners as they research, enquire and enrol in their next course. 

Across Australia, thousands of students are looking to be matched into their perfect course every day. 

Our Marketplaces already aid learners in their course search – our onsite tools and filter functionalities enable them to navigate through the thousands of courses we host seamlessly. 

Learners at the top of the funnel – those casually browsing courses – benefit from tools like our Course Navigator and Career Quiz. For students further down the funnel, we have designated subject landing pages where they can further refine and sort through their course options. 

With our Course Comparison Tool, we take this one step further. We create a more valuable experience for bottom-funnel users – those ready to enquire.

How it works

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Our Course Comparison Tool slots seamlessly into a prospective learner’s decision-making process. 

Users can narrow down their choices by selecting courses to add to their personal shortlist when browsing on mobile or desktop. They can then select up to four courses at once to compare against their key selection criteria. 

In our comparison dashboards, we provide critical information like study method, start date, job outcome, entry requirements and payment methods so users are free to decide which they value most.

The comparison dashboard makes it simple to enquire directly with an education provider and begin the enrolment process.

Investing in what’s next

Our Course Comparison Tool has helped us get one step closer to making learning more accessible.

As we look towards the remainder of the year, we’re excited to continue to make iterations and improvements to our tool to serve the needs of our core users better. We’ll look to make the shortlist and comparison dashboard more accessible, and boost product awareness amongst learners through our go-to-market strategy. 

We will continue to build a robust suite of onsite tools, content and resources that meet the rapidly evolving needs of our learners.

We look forward to sharing more news about our Course Comparison Tool and other product releases in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about our Course Comparison Tool, get in touch with our team today!

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